FillFast Marine – Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter for Marine Vessels

FillFast Marine — Metal Remover + Water Pre-Filter

$499.00 (includes filters, venturi, and leader hose)


Fillfast Marine Metal Remover + Water Pre-Filter

Fillfast Marine With Hose and Venturi
FillFast Marine Includes Filters, Venturi, and Leader Hose


FillFast Marine is the ultimate pre-filter for fresh water tank fills, watermakers, water softeners, RO systems, and filling spas with metal free water.  FillFast removes up to 98% of oxidized and ionic stain-causing metals.  This extends the life of your RO membranes, removes heavy metals, and reduces staining.  Each patented Chelok Filter helps treat up to 10,000 gallons of source water.