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CuLator® Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer for Pools and Spas

CuLator® was developed for the residential and commercial swimming pool industry to eliminate metals, which are toxic and cause stains, from the water.

Other “removers” don’t actually remove metals from water; they simply mask them. This may offer some temporary relief to the appearance of stains, but the metals and toxic chemical agents remain in the pool.  As the masking properties dissipate over time, the metals are released back into the water, creating a vicious and costly cycle of continually adding more chemicals to your pool.

CuLator works like a sponge to adsorb dissolved metals. Once they’re adsorbed, they’re locked into place and trapped in CuLator’s flow-through PowerPak in your skimmer basket. When you throw a used CuLator PowerPak away, those metals are gone for good!

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